Build, Grow, or Upgrade Your Sales Talent

Why Hire Sales Talent Group?

  • Focused - Sales niche only
  • Proven track record - Over 17 years
  • Powerful Network - Database of over 20,000 sales professionals
  • Direct Sourcing Experts - Hunter mentality to find your candidates
  • Process - Embrace topgrading as a hiring methodology*
  • Responsiveness - Operate with "urgency"
  • Follow through - Do what we say we will


Results that matter:

  • Successfully placed over 800 Sales Professionals since 1998
  • 90% fill rate vs 37% industry average
  • 93% 12 month retention rate vs 40% industry average
  • 98% customer retention

Who Says So?

Client Testimonials

“Sales Talent Group has helped our organization grow 30% a year…”

“We had turnover exceeding 80% when we first engaged with…”

Candidate Testimonials

“Exceptional experience from beginning to end…”

“I have never worked with a more professional executive search firm…”

“Talent wins games, but TEAMWORK and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan

Our Client Search Process

In order to find an all-star sales performer, it is essential that our clients work side by side with us throughout the recruitment process. By combining our expertise of sales and recruiting knowledge with our client’s company and industry knowledge, we are confident we can find you your next super star!

Step 1: Agreement of Expectations

We mutually agree upon a timeline to fill the position, number of candidates to be interviewed, service level offered, and outline the hiring process. A formal contractual Executive Search Agreement is signed.

Step 2: “The Navigator” Discovery Process

The Navigator is a comprehensive 5-6 page information gathering questionnaire which includes obtaining your company information, hiring manager’s profile, job description, key accountabilities, compensation, specific candidate requirements, targeted questions, identified talent pools, and much more.

Step 3: Sourcing Top Candidates

We use a proactive approach using traditional sales techniques to directly source top talent including direct email, cold calling and networking. Our team has over 10,000 First Level LinkedIn connections and over 15,000 candidates in our database. We use our vast network of connections to reach both active AND passive candidates.

Step 4: Screen Candidates

We screen and qualify candidates in various ways including face-to-face interviews, video conferencing, or by telephone (depending on the service level agreement). All candidates are screened to meet job design and key accountabilities outlined and agreed upon during Step 2. Our recruiters have over 100 years of combined sales experience and know how and what to ask candidates to determine the best fit for your role.

Step 5: Submit Candidates (3-5 candidates is target)

We provide a Candidate Summary form and resume for each candidate submitted. We also provide you with an ongoing Candidate Pipeline Report to review the progress of each search.

Step 6: Client Interview (2-4 interviews by client)

We coordinate and set up the entire interview process with your hiring team. Depending on your service level agreement, we can provide you with a customized interview guide and score card to assist you with the evaluation of your candidate pool.

Step 7: Offer

We actively facilitate the offer process between your selected candidate and your hiring manager.

Step 8: Onboarding and Follow Up

We can provide important tools to assist you in developing and/or executing your internal onboarding program. We also conduct a 30-60-90 day follow up with your new hire and your hiring team to ensure satisfaction, as agreed upon by our client.